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We use the time-tested method of Classical Education, a model that teaches students the different subjects in the way most people naturally learn. We draw upon the greatest theological, historical, mathematical, scientific, and literary works of Western Civilization as we help our students develop a love for learning.



We are committed to teaching our students to integrate their knowledge through the lens of a Christian worldview. We do not shy away from difficult subject matter but teach our children to seek understanding through an identity in Christ.



We know that the cost of a private education is intimidating for many families. Tuition at Aletheia is approximately one-third that of the average private school. Because we work hard to keep our tuition low, the superior education we offer at Aletheia is accessible to those of diverse economic backgrounds.

About Us

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Aletheia partners with parents in the education of their children. This partnership means that you will be active in the education of your child. Through the interview process we ask parents to think through the areas in which their unique gifts might be utilized for the good of their children and the school.

As much as we desire to create an excellent school in the present, even more so we want to be accountable to the types of people our students will be in twenty years. In other words, we will know two decades from now what kind of school Aletheia was and by God's grace still is. We have fashioned the school in the present with that end goal in mind and it is of vital importance that we partner with parents in order to do so.

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Classical Advantages

Tried and True

Classical education is not new – it is tried and true. Classical education seeks to restore education to its roots.

Christian World View

Classical education is consistent with a Christian view of life and the world.

Tools for Learning

Classical education provides the students with tools for learning. This knowledge assists them in understanding and interpreting events in their lives and the world.

Western Education

Classical education gets back to the roots of our own nation, and the western traditions of Greece and Rome.

Learning Latin

Studying Latin helps our students excel in grammar and logic as well as developing an expansive vocabulary at a young age.

Dulce et utile

Aletheia's motto means "sweet and useful." A true education mixes the good, lovely, and sweet, with what is practical and useful.

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The True. The Good. The Beautiful.

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Michael Eckhardt

Michael Eckhardt


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Erin Tankersley

Director of Operations

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Juanita Shaw

Administrative Assistant

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Gretchen Mahan

Pre-K / 3-4 yr olds

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