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Aletheia School uses an admissions procedure that allows us to more accurately identify and admit students from families whose educational convictions are similar to those of the school. Attending our school is a privilege. Students and families are enrolled at the direction of the administration. We reserve the right to refuse admission or continued enrollment to anyone.

Anyone is welcome to apply to Aletheia – regardless of their profession of faith – provided they are willing to abide by our standards of homework, discipline, and parental involvement. We expect our school's people, priorities, and policies to attract students from all different denominations, races, cultures, and even religions. But, the teaching and instruction in the classroom will be explicitly and unapologetically Christian; all faculty and staff are professing Christians and members in good standing of Bible-believing churches, and the discipline and order in the school will seek to promote the aroma of Christ and a Gospel-driven motivation in everything we do.

We would be failing in our mission to communicate the truth to students if they did not love Christ more and seek more faithfully to follow him, after having attended Aletheia than otherwise.

Admissions Process

Contact Us Early

Many of our classes fill quickly. We welcome your classroom visit before you apply – call (309) 635-9809. We also encourage you to visit with our Headmaster if you have questions about the school.


Complete our enrollment application and submit the application fee of $150 per student to our school office along with documents such as: copy of your child’s birth certificate, emergency contact form, medical forms (physical, dental and eye exam for K, 2nd, and 6th grade, immunizations record).

Submit Scores

For students above the 2nd grade, copies of standardized test scores and academic records (report cards or transcripts) are helpful prior to student testing. A records release form, to be sent to your child’s former school, is available in the main office.

Schedule Testing

We will schedule placement testing for your student. This typically takes 45-60 minutes for grammar school, and sometimes longer in the upper grades. This is usually done in the afternoons when school is not in session.

Family Interview

We will also schedule a family interview with the Headmaster. This can take place at the same time as the child’s placement testing.


All families will be notified of their acceptance/ rejection via letter. Once a student has been accepted the first month’s tuition will be due 7 days after their official acceptance to Aletheia.

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